Jug Puppies

What You Get When You Buy Jug Puppies


A jug puppy is a cross between two breeds of dogs – the Jack Russell and the Pug. Such crossbreeds are often referred to as designer breeds. These designer breeds, or crossbreeds, would never be allowed to enter the sacred halls of the American Kennel Club. Designer breeds are not recognized by the AKC.

Why The Designer Breed?

Jug puppies are neither purebreds nor are they mutts, although if breeding is not strictly controlled, you could end up with basically a mutt. A designer dog, to be considered a true hybrid, must have a purebred father of one breed and a purebred mother of another breed. The purpose behind creating jug puppies, or any other designer breed, is to try to create a hybrid breed featuring the best characteristics of the two breeds involved.

Sometimes, breeds are cross-bred to eliminate a certain undesirable characteristic, often relating to health, that is common to one of the breeds. Sometimes breeds are crossed to get a dog that is more cute and loveable. At other times, breeds may be crossed just to see what happens. When you purchase a crossbreed as a puppy, you usually cannot fully tell what the physical and mental makeup will be until the dog is fully grown. A designer puppy can often have some surprises in store for its owner.

One of the earliest of the designer breeds was the Labradoodle. As you might expect, this would be a dog who had a purebred Labrador Retriever and a purebred poodle as its parents. The Labrador is often chosen because of its friendliness and work ethic, and poodles are chosen because of their intelligence and the fact that they don’t shed.

Characteristics Of Jug Puppies

Jug puppies should have the energetic and intelligent traits of the Jack Russell, mixed in with the more even-tempered and loving characteristics of the pug. In effect, you are getting a Jack Russell terrier which has the head and face of a pug, the tail of a pug, and the slim body of the Jack Russell. You’ll also be getting a dog that is a little less hyper and demanding than the Jack Russell.

On the other hand, if you don’t want a dog that loves to dig in your garden, you might consider another breed. The Jack Russell is a hunting dog, often used in fox hunting and adept at digging into fox’s dens. The pug is more of a companion dog and definitely not a hunter. While the pug bloodline provides a certain calming effect, the jug is still a relatively high energy little dog. It needs to be taken for walks or let out into a fenced yard often, and if left alone in the house or apartment for too long a time, it could be destructive.

One thing jug puppies share with both the Jack Russell and the pug is the “little dog” syndrome. A jug can become quite aggressive at times, and unfriendly towards other dogs, especially larger dogs. This somewhat undesirable characteristic can usually be trained out of the dog, but it takes time and patience. Fortunately, jug puppies tend to be highly intelligent, and usually take well to training. In their favor, jugs are usually healthy little dogs, having a life span of up to 20 years. A jug may suffer from eye problems of one kind or another as eye problems are somewhat common to both the Jack Russell and the pug. Your jug puppy could also inherit some of the breathing problems associated with pugs.

Jugs, Puggles, And Bagels

If the Labradoodle was one of the first designer breeds, it was soon followed by other mixes involving Labs and poodles. It wasn’t long before one of the most popular of all designer breeds came along, the puggle. A puggle is a pug-beagle mix. Puggles are charming little dogs. They have facial characteristics of both breeds, a beagle’s body, but the hair is always brown, never black and tan.

If it’s a bagel you want, just cross a beagle with a basset hound! The American Canine Hybrid Club – ACHC lists over 400 different designer breeds that it has recognized. Jug puppies are one of the more recent breeds that have been registered.

A Word Of Advice When Buying A Designer Breed

If you are looking for a jug puppy, take time to learn something about the breeder. To be certain of the characteristics you are going to see in the grown dog, you will usually want a first-generation dog. That means that the parents must be a purebred pug and a purebred Jack Russell. If one of the parents is a jug or if a grandparent is a jug, the characteristics of a litter of jug puppies are less predictable. In other words, you may be paying good money for what is essentially a mutt.

The ACHC website can help steer you towards a reputable breeder. When purchasing a designer dog or crossbreed, you definitely want to get what you pay for. Puppy mills should be avoided.